Born in Baguio, Philippines, Lee was the eldest of four children, who all share their parents’ love and talent for music.  The Evangelista family migrated to Australia in 1987, where Lee's passion for music grew.

While working full-time, he joined covers band “4Sight” and toured with “Headspin” who was a support band for one of the “Divinyls” tours in the mid-90's.

In 1993, Sigrid migrated with her father to Sydney from Manila, Philippines to start a new life with her loved step-mother and younger step-brother.  With the passion for music constantly burning, Sigrid was active in school musicals, choirs and bands.  She was later chosen to participate in the Talent Development Project in year 12.  It was around that time that she began to write her own songs using her pre-loved guitar.

Lee and Sigrid met in April 1997 through music when mutual friends formed a covers band called “Groove Odyssey”.  Not soon after, love flourished and they tied the knot on the 27th June 1998.

Making music together since 1998, Co-E-Sion started out as a covers duo performing at functions around Sydney.  In March 2007, they started posting videos of "Our Rendition" covers for families and friends overseas.

As much as they enjoy putting their own flavour to the covers they do, writing their own music has always been their dream.

They now have three children and still making music.  © 2012 CO-E-SION.  All rights reserved